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Our First Love

June 22, 2007

As a father, college student, and employee I have a lot of demands on my time and I have found that when I have so many physial tangible things demanding my time that it is very easy to let spiritual things slide.  I would imagine that I am not alone in this observation.  In todays world more people are working more hours and juggling family and work responsibilities.  These things are all important but it is just as important that we do not let the things of God fall by the wayside.

 Jesus rebuked the church at Ephesus for having left their first love (Revelation 2:1-5).  He decribes all the wonderful works they had been doing in the kingdom.  They had been laboring and working to save souls.  They had been contending for the faith and denouncing false prophets.  But they had stopped doing these works.  How did such a vibrant congregation get so off track?

I remember when I was first baptized into the Lord’s body and how I felt. I wanted to go out and teach the world.  I couldn’t wait to read and study the Bible every day.  When I read Psalms 1:2 where David says that the happy man delights in the law of the Lord and meditates in it day and night I understood what he meant.  When he said the zeal of God’s house had eaten him up I got it (Psalms 69:9).  When he said that he was glad when they said lets to the Lord’s house I agreed (Psalms 122:1).  I couldn’t wait for the church services to roll around.

I still have those same feelings today but they are not as easily maintained. Sometimes I get to thinking about all the things that I have to do between work, school and my family and it seem so overwhelming.  The truth is our lives require a constant examining of our priorities.  Jesus said that where our treasure is there will our heart be also (Matthew 6:21).  With our efforts are going into work, school, families, and other physical activities we are building up treasure in this world.  We need to devote as much time and effort to laying up those spiritual treasures.

Jesus promised that if we put his kingdom first that the other things God would provided (Matthew 6:31-33).  Each of us needs to wake up each morning and make a decision that in this day we are going to put the Lord first.  We need to regain our first love and do the first works.