Answering Common Sense Questions – #7 and #8

In this weeks blog I will be examining yet another question from the article “Common Sense Questions A Church Of Christ Preacher Cannot Clearly Answer” posted on the website of the Solid Rock Baptist Church by Mr. David Martin.  The questions this week are:

#7 – After becoming a Christian, are there any sins that will put me beyond the “point of no return” so that I cannot regain salvation? What sin or sins will put me in such jeopardy, so that, after becoming a Christian, I would be doomed to hell without any recourse? Please be specific and give me clear Bible references.

#8 – If I committed some sin -whether in thought, word, or deed, one minute before a fatal car crash – would I go to hell if I did not have time to repent of it? And, please, don’t just say that it’s up to God without giving me a specific Bible reference.

You are probably thinking to yourself about now that many of these questions seem redundant as Mr. Martin has simply reworded portions of questions four, five and six and asked again.  Since questions seven and eight simply continue the same line of reasoning I will answer them both in a single blog. 

As  stated in my blogs on the previous questions there is no single sin that immediately results in the loss of ones salvation.  The loss of salvation is the result of continuous behavior that is contrary to God’s word.  The Bible is clear that as long as one is “walking in the light” or “walking after the spirit” that his sins are continuously cleansed and he recieves no condemnation (Romans 8:1, 1 John 1:7).  Thus it is a way of living that results in the loss of salvation not a single action.

Thus in answer to question #8 the answer would be that if you are a Christian and are truly living a Christian life and commit some sin just before a fatal car crash before having a chance to repent then you would not go to hell as that sin would be instantly cleansed by the blood of Christ (1 John 1:7). 


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